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Concrete Staining


One of the most efficient and popular ways to transform dull-looking concrete slabs nowadays is through staining. Homeowners, interior designers, and builders are all drawn to this kind of finishing because it allows for unique and custom outcomes for cement flooring and concrete surfaces. So, if you are looking to have your garage, driveway, front or back patio, front entryway, or even the inside of your entire house covered with a gorgeous acid-stained concrete finish or epoxy coating, you have come to the right place!

About My Services

I have 15 years of experience in the staining process for concrete surfaces. My portfolio also includes epoxy floor coating and acid epoxy staining for decks and swimming pools as well as garages and other kinds of surfaces.

Stained concrete has the power to transform a place entirely. It is a seemingly simple operation, but its proper application is key if you wish to get the ultimate outcome — more beautiful and embellished surfaces. My other specialty is applying acid epoxy coatings. This coating is made of epoxy compounds when applied onto concrete, creating a very sturdy, hard, durable, and chemical-resistant surface to protect your floor, patio, walls, countertop, steps, and even basement floor. I also seal flagstone and apply clear coat sealers on various types of flooring.

About My Work Process

My prep process is of paramount importance for both concrete staining and epoxy staining. I will remove all residue, topical paint, mastic, and grime. Unlike paint which masks many problematic areas on your flooring, acid stains are translucent and if there is anything left on the surface, it will still be visible through the newly applied stain. I will make sure that never happens!

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