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Concrete Polishing


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Concrete Polishing is a decorative solution to plain concrete surfaces for indoors or outside. Using innovative polishing equipment and techniques, dull floors are transformed to a shiny surface that will never need waxing or coatings.

The level of shine can be controlled depending on how many grinding sessions are involved. Property owners can choose from a soft shine to a high gloss surface. The surface is topped off with a concrete sealer to shut off its porosity and to add an extra level of protection.

No worrying, just choose polished concrete floors! You can work with an expert concrete flooring company today, and transform those dull concrete surfaces into a beauty!

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete floors are making it big–both in the residential and commercial industry. If you are wondering why, here are some noteworthy benefits of polished concrete solutions:

  • Economical – All you need is a concrete slab. There are no coatings or overlays involved. Aside from being affordable initially, it also helps save money on upkeep. Its high light reflectivity helps conserve energy by reducing the need for lighting.
  • Appealing – Polishing concrete highlights the utilitarian appeal of the slab and gives it that cool, contemporary look. There are several levels of gloss to choose from.
  • Customizable – A polished floor can be stained in your desired color. Specific patterns and designs can also be incorporated, especially for commercial flooring.
  • Low-maintenance – Unlike waxed floors, polished surfaces stay shiny without waxing. It only requires sweeping and an occasional mopping. Sealing a polished concrete floor also helps make it resistant to dirt and damage.

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